New Zealand Repatriation

New Zealand – Overseas Funeral Transfers

If your family require assistance transferring your loved one home to New Zealand from South-East Queensland, our expert staff are here to help.

What details are required:

Details we require to organise transportation internationally to New Zealand are:

  • The full name of the Deceased;
  • Where they are located;
  • Passport number (and a copy if possible);
  • Full name, relationship of next of kin or person responsible for arranging the transfer;
  • Contact and address of informant;
  • Travel Insurers name and Policy number and contact details (if applicable);
  • Whether Cremation or Burial is intended on arrival home (along with the name and address of this location)
  • Name, address, telephone and email address of receiving funeral home
  • Are any family members wanting to fly on the same flight as their loved one? If so, we will negotiate the appropriate flight numbers, etc.

What is the process?

Once we have a gathered all the necessary information, our staff will organise all the appropriate flight bookings, apply for paperwork and approval to send. Our qualified staff will prepare the deceased for international travel as per the country’s requirements. This means that the body must be embalmed and sealed in an appropriate coffin or casket.

Should family wish to have a service in Australia also, this can be organise and an appropriate coffin can be selected for this from our wide range of coffin and casket options.


What does it cost?

As a guide, a budget of $7,000 generally will suffice for Brisbane to New Zealand transfers. (however, the exact cost is calculated based on weight and available flights on a case per case basis). When calculating the repatriation cost to New Zealand the main determining factor is the cost of flights which is based on the overall weight of the deceased and coffin selected.

To obtain a quote, please contact us:

  • Main Office: (07) 3812 4000
  • Mobile: 0401 212 636 (Ramon Salomon)
  • Email: use contact form