Repatriation Services

Whether a death has occurred overseas or within Australia, Sylvan Funerals staff are able to assist in transporting your loved one’s body to where the funeral service is being held. Some of the key elements we will manage for you as part of our service includes:

  • Full Repatriation services to and from Australia
  • Liaison with overseas Consulates and Embassies and guidance through appropriate documentation
  • Organisation of flight bookings
  • Transportation of the deceased to the airport
  • Completion of documentation for Customs clearance
  • Appropriate mortuary preparation and/or embalming
  • Liaison with the interstate or international funeral director

To speak to a consultant, please phone (07) 3812 4000, 24 hours a day.


The First Step

Step 1 is to contact our staff on (07) 3812 4000 to begin the process of transferring the deceased into our care.  During this time, we will work with the family and key providers to gather the information required to repatriate.  Information required includes:

  • The full name of the Deceased;
  • Where they are located;
  • Nationality and Passport number (plus a copy if possible)
  • Full name and relationship of next of kin or person responsible for arranging the transfer;
  • Telephone, email contact and address of informant;
  • Travel Insurers name together with Policy number and contact details (if applicable);
  • Whether Cremation or Burial is intended on arrival home (along with the name and address of this location)
  • Name, address, telephone and email address of receiving funeral home
  • Whether any any family members are planning to fly on the same flight as their loved one? If so, we will connect the appropriate flight numbers, etc.

Once we have received all necessary information, our staff will deal direct with the appropriate consulate offices to secure the required documentation for Approval to Send.

How Much Will Repatriation Cost?

The number of variables involved in repatriation makes this a difficult question to answer, however interstate transfer can be as little as a few hundred dollars depending on the distance being traveled.

For Overseas repatriation, the variables increase due to flights and choice of airlines.  While our staff work with international carriers to find the most cost effective options, our experience shows that families should budget from $7,000+.