Funeral Webstreaming

Sometimes it isn’t possible for all family and friends to attend the service, no matter how hard they try. For those that can’t attend, we offer to all services held in our Chapel (and selected Crematorium Chapels) complimentary Funeral Service Web-Streaming, accessed via a private page.

Provided your friends and family have a standard online connection and a basic understanding of the Internet, they will be able to play a live video (known as streaming) of the funeral service on their computer, tablet or mobile device from anywhere in the world.

For families wishing to use this service, the funeral will be recorded inside our Funeral Chapel and edited by one of our staff from within the Chapel. At the conclusion of the service it will be automatically uploaded and made available for viewing and downloading as a keepsake to anyone who has been provided with a secure password and link for the service recording.

To discuss this service more, please contact us.