Cremation Services

Cremation Services

Cremation is a popular choice in Australia, with over 60% of people opting to be cremated. At Sylvan Funerals our compassionate, family focused team will meet with you to discuss your options, and carefully attend to each aspect in organizing a cremation service. Whether it is a Private Cremation Service, Memorial Service or a Complete Funeral Service, we are here to support and assist.


Private Cremation Service

A Private Cremation Service (or Essential Care / Direct Cremation) is where no formal service is held that requires our involvement or attendance. Our staff would transfer into our care, dress them in clothing provided to us, use a simple coffin, organise the cremation to take place, attend to all legal documentation (including applying for the Death Certificate) and for the ashes to be made available for family (or any other arrangements made).

Farewell Service

A Farewell Cremation Funeral Service is most common. This is where a service is held at either a Funeral Chapel, Crematorium Chapel, Church (or other venue) for guests to attend, remember and say farewell. Together with deciding on a suitable venue, our staff will help personalize the service by helping you to select an appropriate coffin, order floral arrangements, create service booklets and/or a photo slideshow, arrange a newspaper notice, and more.

Memorial Service

A Memorial Service is similar to a Farewell Service, with the exception that the coffin is not present. This can still be held at a Funeral Chapel, Church, etc, however many families choose a more familiar setting such as a favourite park, garden or their own property.


Crematorium Chapels in South East Queensland


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