Cremation Urn Sizing

Cremation Urn Sizing Guide

Cremated remains (ashes) can vary in amount due to different cremation processes, temperature variations, bone structure of the deceased, height, age and the coffin used. Generally a 2.9 litre and above urn is, in 98% of cases, is more than large enough to hold the ashes of an adult. Furthermore, urns in less capacity can also be of an appropriate size. If unsure please contact your crematorium or funeral director to have them accurately measure the amount of ashes (in litres) if you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself. This will help you ensure you are selecting an appropriate sized urn.

As calculating ash amount is not an exact science, the following is a guide only. We do not guarantee the following calculations will be true 100% of the time due to the above contributing factors.

  • a 100kg person needs an urn that is 3.1 litres or larger
  • a 90kg person needs an urn that is 2.9 litres or larger
  • a 70kg person needs an urn that is 2.6 litres or larger

 What if the ashes do not fit in the urn?

If the amount of cremated remains cannot fit inside the selected urn, then you may decide to have the remaining ashes:

  • Placed into a smaller keepsake, of which many large urns come with an identical keepsake
  • Scattered in a special place of remembrance
  • Have the ashes ‘reprocessed’ by the crematorium, to ensure the ashes are in fact in as fine of ash as possible, as each crematoria processing method can result in more coarse remains.

We provide the above information as a guide only, and shall not be held responsible for any incidences where the ashes do not fit in the urn where we are unable to personally measure the ashes to confirm the exact capacity required.