Nursing Home Placement

Nursing Home Placement

When a loved one is placed into Nursing Home during the placement interview you may be asked if a decision has been made on a Funeral Director.

You may think that choosing a Funeral Director at this time is strange, however it is better to make that decision early so that the right Funeral Director is chosen, one which you feel 100% comfortable to care for your loved one. We recommend that you take the time to research your options and the services which are offered.

At Sylvan Funerals, we proudly provide a complete service which you will clearly see by the multitude of specialty services we offer that are described throughout our informative website.

You may wish to make preliminary plans about a funeral, and if this is the case our staff can meet with you to step through the process of a prearranged funeral to discuss the options, record your requests and needs, and provide a concise summary of these for safe keeping. Doing this ensure that no rushed decisions are made when the time comes.

Alternatively, you may wish to collect a copy of our ‘Planning a Funeral’ booklet. If you would like a copy of this guide posted, please contact us or fill out the request form.