Pre-arranged & Prepaid Funerals

Pre-planning your funeral is simply planning your funeral in advance. Doing this ensures your family knows and understands your recorded wishes, removing the difficult task of making decisions about the funeral service at such an emotional time. When Preplanning a funeral we suggest prepaying the funeral costs in order to remove financial burden from family and loved ones.

At Sylvan Funerals, we offer two funeral prepayment plans through SurePlan Friendly Society, an Australian member-owned company. Unlike normal life insurance policies and most other funeral plans, Sureplan funeral cover payout policies within 24 hours of receiving advice of death. Therefore your family will have the benefit funds on hand before there is any requirement to pay for the funeral account.

To speak to a Funeral Director about your options, call (07) 3812 4000


Funeral Insurance

Applicable for those under 56 years of age
– Up to $15,000 of funeral cover available
– Premiums only payable until 60 years of age, not 90 like most other insurances
– Cover payout within 24 hours to nominated beneficiary


Funeral Bond / Savings Plan

Suitable for those aged 56 years and over.
– Pensioner benefits available to lower income & assets
– No ongoing fees or application fees
– Pay either a lump sum payment or installments at an amount you set


Transportation Fund

Cover for transport should you die whilst away from home
– Up to $3,000 additional cover to help pay for transport cost back to your home city/town
– Once off investment cost $250, with cover for life
– Available with both Funeral Insurance & Saving Plan options


Request Brochures & Information

We provide an obligation free information pack to help you understand your options
– Information on your option
– A complimentary copy of our planning a funeral booklet
– Ability to research your options in your own time with comprehensive knowledge and advice