Registering a Death

Registering a Death

When a death occurs it is a legal requirement that the death be registered with the ‘Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages’ in the state or territory that the death occurred. As your funeral director, when you meet with our consultant to make the necessary funeral arrangements, they will record the appropriate information required to register the death. This information is then lodged with the ‘Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages’ (in the applicable state or territory) and they will then produce a Death Certificate.

What Information is Collected?

Information that is required for registering a death consists of various personal details and information which is also used for statistical purposes. This includes:

  • Full Name
  • Date & Place of Birth
  • Date & Place of Death (eg: name of hospital, nursing home)
  • Usual Residence
  • Main Occupation during working life
  • Parents Details
  • Marital Details (if any)
  • Children’s Names & Dates of Birth (if any)

There may be circumstances where some of this information may be difficult to access, however it is important that you attempt to supply our consultant with as much accurate information as possible. To assist you in understanding the required information, please download our ‘Personal Details Form’ by clicking here.