Memorial Products

Memorial Products

With years of experience, we understand that families like to have “special touches” to the service. At Sylvan Funerals, we offer a number or pre and post funeral service memorial products. Such as:

Cremation Urns & Keepsake Jewellery

You may wish to research Cremation Urns online, however we would like to warn you that the quality of such products may be poor. Our devotion to providing the best possible services means that we only use and supply the best quality products from reputable suppliers within Australia. Our dealers only deal direct with funeral home companies and our consultant is able to order an urn of your choice on your behalf from these companies.

Memorial Plaques & Headstones

Generally City Council owned cemeteries organise the manufacture of plaques. However, if this services is not offered we are able to supply this to you and organize plaque wording and manufacture through our Australian Owned suppliers.

Most Crematoriums and Memorial Parks also manage their own monumental work, and will deal with your family directly on this matter.

Order of Services

Some clergy suggest that having orders of service with hymn words and relevant readings printed is a nice concept. Also, it provides a memorial keepsake to be kept by all those in attendance at the service. At Sylvan Funerals, we are able to design and print these for you, saving you time when meeting with a print shop and paying a second bill.

Photo Tributes

Photo Tributes is a very broad title, and this is because photo’s can be used in many different ways. Such as Slideshow Presentations, Photo Album Books, Framed Photo’s, Photo Boards, etc. All of these services, we are able to assist you with.

Funeral Service Filming

There are many factors which may prevent family members and friends from attending the funeral on the day. For this reason we can offer the option of filming the funeral service which provides an opportunity for those unable to attend the service to experience the sharing of memories and say farewell. As a guide, funeral filming packages begin at approximately $450.