Funeral Costs & Options

Funeral Service Options & Costs

Because every funeral is priced specifically to your personal, cultural and financial needs, there is no exact figure as to what a funeral will cost. However as a guide, appropriately conducted funerals will range on average between $3,000 – $7,000 depending on personal choices. Please contact us on (07) 3812 4000 for a more exact estimate and to discuss funeral service options.

Sylvan Funerals has a flexible pricing structure which allows families to select the service they require, and a price which is within their budget. The general costs associated with a funeral are:

Professional Service Fee

Our Professional Service Fee incorporates all the tasks and services involved in arranging, planning and conducting the funeral. These include:

  • Use of mortuary vehicles & hearse
  • Provision of staff
  • All necessary mortuary preparation of deceased, according to family directions
  • 24 hours, 7 day, 365 days a year guidance and advice
  • Liason with cemetery, crematoria, florist, clergy, musician, catering staff
  • Lodgement of death and/or funeral notices in newspapers
  • Use of all Sylvan Funerals chapel equipment and facilities
  • After care support services

Coffin or Casket

At Sylvan Funerals, we have a large selection of coffins & caskets so that an appropriate and dignified coffin may be selected which is within your budget. To view our coffins, click here.

Cemetery / Crematorium Fees

Depending on whether you require a cremation or a burial, this will greatly influence the costs of the funeral. Generally speaking, a cremation is more economical than a burial, being around $3000 – 5000 depending on your choices.

For information about actual costs of a burial or cremation, please contact our 24 hour funeral advice line on (07) 3812 4000 or fill out our ‘enquiry form’.


Disbursements simply mean the charges which we pay to third party service operators on your behalf. This way, you only receive one account to pay which is issued by us. Such charges may include: