Planning a Funeral

Planning a Funeral

Planning a funeral can often be difficult as it is new to many families. Our staff are here for guide you through this process of making decisions. Such decisions may include:

  • Deciding on burial or cremation
  • Selecting a coffin or casket
  • Deciding whether you require a service to be held
  • If so, when and where the service will be held
  • Organising to have the involvement of a specific organisation or club in the service, if required
  • Selecting special readings, poems, music selections, or photo tributes to be part of the service.
  • Choosing clothing for the deceased to be dressed in
  • Organising if there will be refreshments following the service

What needs to be considered?

As experienced funeral directors, we often assist families who do not know what their loved one wanted regarding their funeral service. We encourage you to discuss with family what you would like to happen when your pass away. Things to consider are:

  • Who will arrange my funeral?
  • What is involved in preplanning my funeral?
  • Should I prepay my funeral?
  • Do I want to be buried or cremated?

Who will arrange my funeral?

There is no definite answer as to who will arrange your funeral, however generally it would be a member of your immediate family. If your family is unable to cope emotionally with planning the funeral, perhaps a close family friend will look after any dealing with the funeral director. We recommend preplanning the funeral, that way when the time comes your family will already know what choices are to be made according to your wishes.

What is involved in preplanning my funeral?

Preplanning a funeral is something which we suggest, as it provides peace of mind for yourself and your family. We have available our preplanning guide booklet which is used to record the necessary information which we as a funeral director require to organise the funeral when it’s time. To obtain a copy, please contact us on (07) 3812 4000, or alternatively fill out the online form.

If you choose, once you have gathered the information, our funeral planner can meet you in your home or at our office to record the information and answer any questions you may have. Also, at this time we can fill out the necessary paperwork if you would like to prepay the funeral costs.

Should I prepay my funeral?

Prepaying the funeral costs ensures that your family will not be financially burdened by the cost of your funeral, along with providing peace of mind that everything is taken care of. Sylvan Funerals recommends Sureplan Friendly Society as our choice of funeral payment plan.
Find out about prepayment plans

Do I want to be buried or cremated?

Burial or cremation is simply a personal preference. However in terms of economic circumstances, cremation is generally seen to be more financially viable. The advantage of preplanning the funeral is that you family will understand what your personal preference regarding this matter is.