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This online services has been designed for families wishing to gather information on “What a Funeral Costs” based on specific choices made. The information you will be provided with will include itemised costs associated with the service and choices selected below. We provide a large range of services to families which you may find out more about by clicking here.

If the type of Funeral Service you are looking for is not described below, we encourage you to contact our staff on (07) 3812 4000 (available 24 hours) so we can discuss your needs and provide a funeral cost estimate based on your requests.

Enquiry Questionnaire

Have you had a death in your family?
YesNo, but a death is imminentNo, I am just making a general enquiryNo, I am looking for pricing for a pre-paid funeral plan

Where would the Funeral Service be held?
Sylvan Funeral Home ChapelCrematorium or Cemetery ChapelChurch or other ChapelGraveside ServiceNo Service, direct cremation / burial (no mourners in attendance)

What Type of Service do you require?
CremationBurial - New GraveBurial - Re-open Existing Grave (2nd Burial in existing grave)Burial - Use of Reserved Grave

Please list your preferred Cemetery / Crematorium.
(if unknown, please insert 'no preference')

Who will conduct the Service?
Clergy / Church MinisterCelebrant - our celebrants can offer both Civil and Christian messagesOther - for example, family member or friend

Which would you prefer, a Coffin or Casket?

What other services would you like?
Floral TributeNewspaper NoticeViewingDVD Photo Tribute - produced by our staffOrder of Service Booklets - produced by our staffThank You Bookmarks - produced by our staffMemorial Book / Guest Signing Register

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