Cremation Services

Cremation Services

In Australia, over 65% of the population choose cremation services. For some cultures and religions, it is their preferred option, for others, it is a cost-effective and practical alternative. Cremation costs include the cremation process, and if applicable, the hire of a crematorium chapel.  Costs can vary depending on the crematorium chosen.

The funeral service location is entirely up to a family’s personal preference and choice; you may choose a Church, Crematorium Chapel or the Chapel of Sylvan Funerals.  Funerals held in a crematorium chapel have a service time of 35-45 minutes.  If you require a longer service or are expecting a large group of mourners, we advise to book for an extended Chapel time when booking the Chapel.

Ashes are generally available within 48-72 hours, or by prior request, within 24 hours.

Our staff will assist you with your selections and make all the arrangements and necessary bookings.  We partner with, and conduct services in the following crematoriums within South East Queensland:

Common Types of Cremation Services

Basic Cremation Service (Direct Cremation)

Crematorium / Chapel Cremation Service

Church Cremation Service

When you do not wish to have a full service, a basic cremation package is the ideal option. This service is a non-attended service, and many family’s wish to organise their own memorial service. This is the most popular choice for families who want a service which can be attended by family and friends either at our Funeral Home Chapel or the Crematorium Chapel. If you would like to follow your own religious beliefs with a service in a church, we can accommodate our services to reflect the unique religious beliefs you may have.

For a detailed fee proposal and information, please contact us or use the online quote request form.