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Sureplan Gold – Funeral Bond

At Sylvan Funerals, we believe every member of the community should be entitled to rest easy with reliable, trusted funeral cover regardless of age. That’s why we recommend Sureplan Gold Funeral Bond – a safe and secure funeral bond for over 55s. Funeral bonds are simple and tax effective ways of growing your funds in a secure environment to meet the expense of funerals. Funeral bonds also have significant advantages for means tested Centrelink and Department of Veterans’ Affair pensioners.

How does a Sureplan Gold Funeral Bond Work?

Sureplan Gold Funeral Bonds work in a similar way to a savings account as bonuses can be added to whatever you invest. As an example, if you were to invest $5,000 in a funeral bond and it returned an annual bonus rate of 5% p.a. for that year, your total investment would grow to $5,250. With your money secured, funeral preplanning can be taken care of easily and efficiently. (Please note that no indication of bonus rates is implied in the above example as the ability to pay a bonus and any future bonus rates will be reflective of the prevailing market conditions at that time).

Recent Returns for Sureplan Gold Funeral Bond

Benefits of a Sureplan Gold Funeral Bond include:

  • Security: The Sureplan Gold Funeral Bond currently invests in cash and “AA” rated, low-risk securities meaning that you can have peace of mind in knowing your funds will grow in a sound and reliable manner.
  • Flexibility: you can start with as little as $50 and contribute as little as $20 per month from then on.
  • Maximise your pension: if you are an income or asset tested pensioner you may be able to increase your pension as the amount of capital you invest in Sureplan Gold, up to a maximum of $11,250, is not assessable for pension purposes.
  • Payout of Death Cover within 24 Hours: next-day funeral cover payout on all claims for all funeral funds.
  • Australian-Ownership by Everyday Australian Members: unlike some of the larger funeral cover providers operating within Australia, Sureplan is an Australian, member-owned mutual. With no requirement to return dividends to external shareholders, our fees remain low, meaning higher benefits for members.
  • Optional Extra: the Sureplan Body Transportation Fund will pay up to a maximum of $3,000 towards the cost of transporting a Sureplan member’s body back home should they die more than 70 kilometres from their normal place of residence. People up to age 85 can join at the once-off premium is $250.

To invest in Sureplan’s Funeral Bonds, contact us on (07) 3812 4000 (24 hours) to speak with our preplanning consultant.


Sureplan Gold Application Forms

The below forms are required for application of a Sureplan Gold Funeral Bond. Please download both forms and return to Sylvan Funerals. Alternatively, a funeral director can meet with you either in our office or your home to fill out the paperwork and provide guidance as to an appropriate value to invest based on your preferences. Call 3812 4000 to make an appointment.

Contributions can be either a lump sum payment, or periodical payments at an amount set by you. Minimum payment required upon funeral bond application is $50.

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